Sunday, March 16, 2008


Current SIP-

I finished knitting both the legs of the Ariel socks last night. This is a picture of the leg on my arm so the lace shows up better.

Progress for today-I have one of the heel flaps about done.


It was a rather slow moving game last night. But we finally got a win in regulation, so I'll take it. Players of the game were the members of the checking line-Branko Radivojevic and Stephane Veilleux, most particularly. And yes, I had to look up how to spell Radivojevic.

Gaborik has a shaved head. He claims it is because he got a bad haircut. Why do I have trouble believing this? After all, I imagine he pays a fair chunk of change for a cut. I'm sure he doesn't take his chances with a budget barber. He looks pretty weird. (He got his 200th career goal though.)

Next game is against the Avs on Monday night. We had to sell the tickets for this one. Number one spot in the Northwest division is on the line. Could be some wintery weather coming in town that night so I am a bit relieved not to have to drive.


Kirsten said...

He and Demitra look creepily alike with shaved heads.

Kirsten said...

Don't forget WES!

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