Friday, March 14, 2008

My progress and a hockey favorite

The latest progress on my pair of socks. The other socks is only six rounds behind this one. This is through 2 repeats of the pattern. The leg is finished after doing the first 18 rounds of the pattern again. Maybe by Sunday I will be on to the heels.


J.P. Parise did "Let's Play Hockey" at the game last night. I favorite of mine from my younger days, I always enjoy it when they have North Stars players. And, yes, I am still bitter about the North Stars moving to Texas even though I love the Wild.

The Wild played well in the first period. At random times during the rest of the game it seemed as if they were taken over by the "Orb of Confusion" which I realize is a random reference to SpongeBob. It is really disturbing how much they sit back when they get the lead in a game. It just seems to happen again and again. They seem to try to be too cute with the puck and make all kinds of stupid mistakes. And I won't even get into how badly they are doing in the shootout.

Next game: LA tomorrow evening at 7. Please bring your A game for a win in regulation!

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