Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finished socks and an open letter

A Little Twisted Socks the October 2007 SotM from, Designed by Debbie O'Neill

My first pair done for March. I am being positive and hoping that I get at least one more pair done this month.

Open Letter to the Minnesota Wild-

As a member of the Team of 18,000, I would like to ask a question.

What is the matter with you? Is it too much to ask that you can win a simple game against a non playoff team? The worry has been coming on for awhile, but now I wonder if we will be using the playoff tickets that we are getting set to pay for. It makes me very sad. All this potential...

I can see the frustration on the coaches faces. A few guys are stepping up but for the most part, it is only one or two in any given game. You need to work hard and quit looking for someone else to carry the load. I challenge any one of you to look yourself in the mirror and be able to say that you are giving 100% effort. A few years back, this team made the playoffs for the first time. It was a team of for the most part little known players who were playing their hearts out for the other members of the team. Well, you are better known now for your skill, but don't have the heart of that team. Remember what it means to be a teammate. Play with some heart, some pride. Stop letting us and yourselves down. NO MORE MESSING AROUND. Be men and do your jobs.

That is all.


A sad and frustrated fan

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