Monday, December 31, 2007

Last post of the year

A monkey off my back and it's been there awhile. By my best recollection, I have had these socks in the works for 4 1/2 years. And they are done! I can start the new year off with a clean slate.


This was a disappointing game. I thought that the team played pretty well overall. I hate to be pointing fingers, but I feel that a couple bad turnovers by a certain player contributed mightily to this loss. Game 5 of 6 with my daughter. I will be sad when she goes back to school. She is a fun companion.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas and surgery and Mothers in Law, oh my!

My daughter came home from college. Yay! She got here on December 16th. And, of course, the rush was on to get ready for Christmas. The day after Christmas, said daughter, had surgery on her left wrist and elbow. Not too much time for fun and games. Also, the husband has been spending a fair amount of time in Wisconsin taking care of health issues with his mom. All this cuts into my knitting time a lot.

I do not have current pictures of the socks I am working on. I have put the "A Little Twisted" socks on hold for the moment and am working on the "Cascading Leaves". I need to have these done before the end of the year.


Edmonton Oilers tonight. I need to get some pictures taken before this game. It is game number 4 of 6 that my daughter gets to see on her winter break. I don't know that she will be feeling up to too much photography though. Have to see what I can manage. The Wild should be able, if they show up, to win this game without too much difficulty. Nice to see Eric Belanger has been picking up his game of late. And I am hoping family favorite, Mark Parrish, is at the beginning of a goal scoring streak. Since the Oilers are one of my favorite teams, normally I cheer for them. But not when they play the Wild. Let's Go Wild!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Current project update

As is typical, there is some forward progress and some in reverse.

This is the February socks from the Luxury SOTM club. Name is Cascading Leaves Socks. Very nice yarn-a blend of alpaca, merino and silk. Seems to be knitting up quickly, which is a plus. I am getting a bit worried that I will run out of yarn. The ball is getting pretty thin.

And for the reverse, my first attempt at the October SOTM (A Little Twisted Socks)from this year. I have ripped them out and will reknit them with a 3 mm needle instead of a 2.75 mm. I was getting 7.5 sts/in. and need 7. I can see now why my mom always tried to work on dark colors during the daytime hours. My eyes are having a difficult time focusing on this at night. This is why I am working on the other socks-easy to see. This pattern includes instructions in doing the twisted stitches without a cable needle. After a few tries I kinda got into the groove of it. Works pretty slick.


I watching the Wild/San Jose game. Looks like a repeat of the Detroit game. We are being schooled. What will it take to get some offense going? Last place in faceoffs and Power Play pts. Far down the list in shots and a couple of other things that escape me at the moment. Basically we spend all our time trying to keep the other team from scoring instead of trying to score. Seriously getting ugly.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sad Day in Minnesota

Wes Walz retires

Sounds a bit melodramatic, but it is indeed a sad day for Minnesota Wild fans. I wish Wes all the best in his future endeavors. He was the heart and soul of our team for the first seven seasons and I hope that players in the future will look to his example. Class act, gave his all for the team.

Red Socks

This is a picture I took before I started to work on these again. I was about 4 rows into the heel flap. I am about an inch and a half or two from the toe now. Snowy day-good for knitting. When I take a finished picture, I will try to get the cables to show up more clearly.

Time flys (not necessarily having fun)

I have been busy knitting not blogging. I finished 2 and almost 3 pairs of socks this month of November.

The top pair have been hanging about for 3 or 4 years. Done mostly except for the final finishing. Plain laziness on my part. I don't even have anyone to give them to anymore since my daughter has long since grown out of them. Oh well, I'm sure I will find them some feet.

The other pair is the September Sock from the SoTm Club from

It is called Secret Love Socks. My first attempt at an afterthought heel. I will be anxious to see if I need to do any adjusting in that area for the future.

I am almost down to the toe of the third pair of socks. I started that pair in a class I took 4 years ago. It is quite a bit more complex and I spent as much time trying to figure out where I was in the pattern as I did with the knitting. Finished pictures soon.

My wrist is not happy.


I think that I will choose to ignore the poor games we have played and focus on the more recent ones. Tonight we played pretty well. Not as well as on Wednesday IMO, but we ended up with the win. Seems to me we spend an awful lot of time passing and not enough time shooting, but what do I know.