Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas and surgery and Mothers in Law, oh my!

My daughter came home from college. Yay! She got here on December 16th. And, of course, the rush was on to get ready for Christmas. The day after Christmas, said daughter, had surgery on her left wrist and elbow. Not too much time for fun and games. Also, the husband has been spending a fair amount of time in Wisconsin taking care of health issues with his mom. All this cuts into my knitting time a lot.

I do not have current pictures of the socks I am working on. I have put the "A Little Twisted" socks on hold for the moment and am working on the "Cascading Leaves". I need to have these done before the end of the year.


Edmonton Oilers tonight. I need to get some pictures taken before this game. It is game number 4 of 6 that my daughter gets to see on her winter break. I don't know that she will be feeling up to too much photography though. Have to see what I can manage. The Wild should be able, if they show up, to win this game without too much difficulty. Nice to see Eric Belanger has been picking up his game of late. And I am hoping family favorite, Mark Parrish, is at the beginning of a goal scoring streak. Since the Oilers are one of my favorite teams, normally I cheer for them. But not when they play the Wild. Let's Go Wild!


Kirsten said...

I'm sorry I cut into your knitting time...

Kirsten said...

PS, MARK PARRISH is my hero. Of life.