Saturday, December 1, 2007

Time flys (not necessarily having fun)

I have been busy knitting not blogging. I finished 2 and almost 3 pairs of socks this month of November.

The top pair have been hanging about for 3 or 4 years. Done mostly except for the final finishing. Plain laziness on my part. I don't even have anyone to give them to anymore since my daughter has long since grown out of them. Oh well, I'm sure I will find them some feet.

The other pair is the September Sock from the SoTm Club from

It is called Secret Love Socks. My first attempt at an afterthought heel. I will be anxious to see if I need to do any adjusting in that area for the future.

I am almost down to the toe of the third pair of socks. I started that pair in a class I took 4 years ago. It is quite a bit more complex and I spent as much time trying to figure out where I was in the pattern as I did with the knitting. Finished pictures soon.

My wrist is not happy.


I think that I will choose to ignore the poor games we have played and focus on the more recent ones. Tonight we played pretty well. Not as well as on Wednesday IMO, but we ended up with the win. Seems to me we spend an awful lot of time passing and not enough time shooting, but what do I know.

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