Saturday, September 29, 2007

Two pairs finished

Two pairs finished in one day. The red, white and blue are "Betsy"; the June sock from SOTM. The other (not quite sure how to describe the color) is "Hugs and Kisses" the February kit from the same source. My pictures doesn't show the patterning very well. I hope that I will learn to get more detail to show, and I need to learn how to link things in my post.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Too much technology

I can't imagine what I was thinking. Not only do I get a new computer with a new operating system (Vista), a new digital camera; but then I decide that I must have a blog. I could write volumns about all the stuff I don't know. And so I am attempting to learn on the fly. I am determined not to let all this technology defeat me.

My last post ended up getting deleted. I was trying to add a picture to the post. For some reason, the picture ended up being rotated by 90 degrees. Try as I might I couldn't figure out how to rotate or delete it. So I ended up trashing the whole thing. I am still trying to find a source, either written or on-line, of easy to understand directions for blogging.

Not too much progress on my knitting. I am working on two socks simultaneously-changing back and forth after each pattern repeat. I am down to the heel flap. The last time I worked on them, I was drugged up from my migraine medication. I ended up ripping back most of what I did. Not a good plan.

I am watching the new Ken Burns documentary on World War II. I wish that my mom was here to watch with me. She could put things in perspective for me. I miss her.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Computer problems seem to be fixed

I am reluctant to even say that. I don't want to bring down bad karma or anything. New anti-virus software loaded and working.

I am still working on the second sock of my June SOTM from I should be able to have it finished by tomorrow at the latest. Then I will get some pictures up here.

Hopefully good news: I have a ton of books requested from the library on blogging. Maybe I can figure out some of the nicer bells and whistles to make this more interesting.

More coming when I get those socks done. I'm anxious to start a new pair. I have been pretty good lately about not starting a million new projects.