Monday, September 24, 2007

Too much technology

I can't imagine what I was thinking. Not only do I get a new computer with a new operating system (Vista), a new digital camera; but then I decide that I must have a blog. I could write volumns about all the stuff I don't know. And so I am attempting to learn on the fly. I am determined not to let all this technology defeat me.

My last post ended up getting deleted. I was trying to add a picture to the post. For some reason, the picture ended up being rotated by 90 degrees. Try as I might I couldn't figure out how to rotate or delete it. So I ended up trashing the whole thing. I am still trying to find a source, either written or on-line, of easy to understand directions for blogging.

Not too much progress on my knitting. I am working on two socks simultaneously-changing back and forth after each pattern repeat. I am down to the heel flap. The last time I worked on them, I was drugged up from my migraine medication. I ended up ripping back most of what I did. Not a good plan.

I am watching the new Ken Burns documentary on World War II. I wish that my mom was here to watch with me. She could put things in perspective for me. I miss her.

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