Monday, September 29, 2008


My husband and I are on a short trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Not much knitting done, typical cabin lighting. I did, thankfully, finish the pair of socks I've been knitting. Just had toes left. These socks seemed to take forever. I don't know if I will use this yarn again. It split pretty badly but not all the time. Seemed to run in streaks.

Not able to do a really good job following the Wild either. This is Red Wing country and other teams don't exist except in the weekend edition of the paper.

I will try to post some pictures when we get home tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pre-season and minor socks progress

We arrived during warm-ups so this is one of my first pictures of the season.

The crowd was a bit thinner than usual because of the Twins game, I imagine. They gave sporatic updates during the game and had it on in the concourse. Lots of people standing in clumps watching.

My thoughts:

-It's pre-season. In the post game, JL mentioned that the team hasn't worked on their special teams yet. Considering that they did pretty well on the PK. The PP not so much.

-Benoit Pouliot really seems to have stepped up his game. Granted it is pre-season and they aren't playing the A squad team, but he looked more confident. Not overly great on the faceoffs though.

-Krys Kolanos won some defensive zone faceoffs which seems kind of rare with us.

-Nik Backstrom looked solid

-Owen Nolan looked pretty energetic for an old guy. My husband was like, is he a new guy. Clearly my husband does not pay close attention to the NHL.

-Stephane Veilleux is so energetic it makes me tired just watching him. One problem though was when his helmet got knocked off he should have stayed with the play or gone to the bench.

-Mikko Koivu had a short handed break away that went just over the top of the net.

There were a few others that looked promising.

The officiating in the second and third periods was not good. How's that for tact? And I mean in general, not just against the Wild. Almost like they got a call between periods or something.


NO pictures because I'm working on the socks that will not end. I have finally made friends with the yarn (Panda Soy) and the pattern is memorized but they are taking forever. I want them to be done so I can start something new.