Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crazy Over You

This title could apply to my socks and the game.

I really enjoyed working with this yarn-Panda Wool in the colorway Circus. I worked the socks using two sets of Crystal Palace bamboo dpns. I actually finished them on Sunday evening.

I started a new pair today. I will add a picture when I make some progress.

The Sidney Crosby show. I think the main benefit of being at the game was not having to hear about him the whole night. Not our best effort. Kim Johnsson left the game and did not return. I still haven't found out what his status is.

And then to see the Oilers lose the game to the Red Wings with less then 30 secs. to go. Not the night for my teams.

1 comment:

adrienne said...

love the socks ;o}
too cute! LOL