Thursday, January 31, 2008

Second pair of the year and another win

My second pair for January

These socks were the May 2002 Sock of the Month from (I need to figure out how to do links again. Sigh) I really enjoyed knitting them, and I hope that no one notices that there are different numbers of cables on the two socks.

Wild win, 5-1

This picture was taken by my son during the warm ups. I figure that he has a better chance of getting down by the glass without being stopped. I need to work on his technique, although I must say that Mikko Koivu never seems to stop moving. Ever.

Great game. We weathered the first period, in which I felt we came out pretty flat. The scoring exploded in the 2nd with the first 3 goals by the Wild coming in quick succession. That was it for Giguere who pitched a very toddler like tantrum.
Butch scored the 4th goal right before the end of the period. Corey Perry scored one for the Ducks which killed Backstrom's shut out. Bummer. And our final goal was a nice job by Sheppard to stick with it and not give up. All and all, a very satisfying night!


This is the last thing one would ever expect to see when walking in to a hockey arena.

Apparently, the rodeo is in town this weekend.


Lynnette said...

I have those socks! They are still in my stash. I just rejoined the SOTM and think I got my February kit today (I was still waiting on the January one) Great job on yours!

Hey, and living in Minnesota you've GOT to like's a law. Next door here in Wisconsin we aren't quite a fanatical, but not for lack of trying :)

Kirsten said...

Haha, wtf is going on it that picture. That's definitely not what I was expecting.

Maggie said...

Lynnette: These were lots of fun to knit.

The Lancet Braid is the January sock of the month. I really want to start them.

Hey, Kirsten: It's a bull...and I wasn't either. That's why I took a picture of it.